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We Are I.V is a group of four producers/songwriters, who are ambassadors of a new innovative pop sound, on the borderline of electro, ready to take over the top of the charts.

Nick, Matthieu and brothers Laurent and Jean-Noel, play all their instruments and are songwriting perfectionists. Their inspiration comes from the biggest artists in the genre, both Americans and Swedes.

At the same time as being both brilliant musicians and producers, We Are I.V also perform live. Whether it is in their DJ sets, when all four mix on stage together, or in their live set-up, when they use both electronic and live instruments, the group amazes. They have already played the Main Square Festival (Arras) and opened for Maroon 5 at the Zenith (Paris).

In 2013, their sound attracted the attention of JJ Abrams (Star Wars VII). He decided to include one of their tracks in the soundtrack of ’Star Trek: Into Darkness’.
Simultaneously, the jean brand Kaporal chose to call on their talent and used their track for their last campaign.

As producers and songwriters that have a hold on the French scene (Frero Delavega, Tal, Brigitte…) and internationally too (Echosmith, X Ambassadors, Meg Mac), We Are I.V are also artists on their own right.

‘We Are I.V’, their first EP contains 6 tracks and mixes electro with a modern pop sound. The first single ‘Da Blues’ has already had over a million streams


We Are I.V
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